Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wrapping things up

We have had a pretty full month of finishing up things here!  It has been busy!  Emma graduated from preschool on June 11.  Her graduation was a red, white, and blue theme and she had a great time.  We have been blessed by her preschool.  She has loved every minute of it and has learned so much not only about educational stuff but also about listening to others, participating in groups, cleaning up after herself, and getting tasks done in a timely manner.  She has really matured a lot this year!

We are trying to take the girls across the street to the beach as much as we can before we leave.  They love to go but sometimes it is hard to make the time and also Darcy is an absolute handful when we go.  She takes off charging into the water with no fear whatsoever.

Emma on the other hand is a very calm beach goer.  She likes to walk nicely through the shallow water and look for shells on the beach.  My girls are SO different from each other. : )

I also made a trip to Texas to find a house for us to live in when we get there in a couple of weeks.  I found the perfect house, but things are not 100% final with it yet which is sort of stressful.  I am hoping that we hear back on all those details this week.  
We are also trying to figure out the best plan for Boo and trying to daily convince E that moving is not a horrible thing.  She reminds me every day that she does NOT want to move and that she loves it here and wants to live here forever.  
Amidst the chaos, I have managed to finish up a few craft projects after the kids go to bed.  I have painted several things for our new house and am almost done with this star block quilt that I've been working on.

Tomorrow starts our last week in CT and I have mixed emotions about it.  I will miss the weather here and the history of the area. I like the proximity to NYC and Boston and I love the unique homey quality of the homes here.  But it will be great to be in the South again.  We love the area we are moving back to and we are excited about being closer to our families.  I'm not sure if I'll cry our laugh when we leave here next week.  Guess we'll see...