Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hello again...

It has been so long since I've posted! Emma is now 15 months old and is walking everywhere. We just had her 15 month checkup and she weighs 21lbs 13 oz and is 31 inches tall.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Busy Month

May has been so busy for us. Joey went camping in the Guadalupe Mountains at the beginning of the month. He and the guys had a good time even with the hospital visit.

My birthday was two weekends ago (the 10th) and I also celebrated my very first mother's day as a mommy! We went to Kemah to celebrate the day before. Then the day of my birthday we went shopping and to a fish fry that evening. On Mother's Day we went to church and Emma got to be in the Mother's Day baby parade!

This past weekend we had dinner with some friends of ours on Friday and then on Saturday we hosted an un-going away party at our house. It was originally a going away party for the Waltons but three days before the party they found out they didn't have to move. We were so excited and the party was so much fun!

I have also been hosting a Ladies Bible study over here at my house on Monday nights and Joey has been going to a Men's Bible study at the Blanchard's home on Wednesday nights. So, needless to say we have been very busy! No wonder I haven't posted a blog in over a month!

We are looking forward to Emma's 1st birthday at the end of the month. My family is coming to stay for a week to celebrate. And then we are going to have a big Pretty in Pink party on the 31st!
Phew! Maybe June will be slower for us!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Big Week

Emma is 10 months old today and she has had a very big week. As mentioned earlier, she learned to push herself up to a sitting position earlier in the week. Yesterday she got a new tooth in and she started crawling - not super skilled crawling, but she can slowly get to where she wants to go. I am amazed everyday by everything she is learning. She has figured out which of her toys make music and likes to push their buttons so she can dance to the music. She puts her phones up to her ear and says hello into them. She likes to pass toys back and forth with me. She plays peek-a-boo. And occasionally she'll amaze us by saying "thank you".

Well, and one more thing happened this week - I got a job. I will be working three days a week doing computer drafting for a residential design firm in Houston. I start next Tuesday. It was a really hard decision, but I feel that it is the right one for right now at least. Emma will be in good hands and it will help me to start paying back my student loans. Pray for us as we adjust to being apart.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Surprise, Mommy!

Emma has learned to push herself into a sitting position from her stomach. Yesterday when I went in to get her after her nap, I found her sitting up in her crib waiting for me. Today when I went into get her, I found this -
Guess we'll be moving her mattress down to the next notch so she won't fall out of her bed!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Last Weekend

Last weekend Joey's parents came to visit. Emma enjoyed being spoiled by her grandparents. We went to the Rainforest Cafe which she hated. I thought she would like the animals and stuff, but it just scared her. We also went to the Rainforest Pyramid at Moody Gardens and she really enjoyed that even though it was super hot in there. Here are some pictures from inside the Rainforest Pyramid.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Easter Eggs

I got Emma an Easter basket this week and filled it full of eggs. She has been having a blast dumping all the eggs out and then throwing them around. Our cat, Maggie, has been helping her spread them around downstairs. Maggie has played more with Emma's Easter eggs than any other toy she owns!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

9 months

Emma turned 9 months today! She weighs 18 lbs 2 oz (40th percentile) and is 27 3/4 inches long (60th percentile). The doctor was a little bit worried that she hasn't gained any weight this month - she actually lost an ounce. And she has only gained 1 lb in 3 months, but she said that she sees that a lot with breastfed babies and that she should start gaining weight now that she can have more foods. Emma can clap her hands, wave bye-bye, say "ma-ma", and she pulled up to standing for the first time today! She is growing so fast. Here are some pictures from today.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just a swingin'

Emma and I went to the playground on Valentine's Day with some of our friends. I figured out that Emma loves to swing by herself! She had a really fun time.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eight Months!

Emma turned 8 months on Sunday! I can't believe it - it has gone by so fast! She seems to be doing something new everyday. She can stand for little bits at a time by herself holding on to things. (We stand her up-she doesn't pull up yet.) She claps her hands when we say "yay!" She dances to music and she can even say ma-ma! She loves to laugh at Boo (our dog) and she has got the cutest laugh I've EVER heard. She had to go to the doctor today for a follow up visit (she had bronchitis a couple of weeks ago), so I got to find out her 8 month stats. She weighs 18 lbs 3 oz and is 27 inches long. Here are a couple of pictures of her from this week. The first one is in the middle of a clapping session and the second one is her practicing standing up in her crib.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cousins in Baton Rouge

The weekend before last, we went to visit Joey's family in Baton Rouge. Emma got to spend some time with her cousins. Joey and I brought the girls some blocks to build stuff with - we ended up building stuff so that they could knock it down all weekend which they seemed to enjoy.

Emma enjoyed riding this horsey that was too small for her cousins...although once they saw her on it - they wanted to ride too!

Joey entertained the girls by wearing a tiny hat - what a goof ball!

Emma really enjoyed playing in the ball pit that my mother in law has at her house for the girls.

Baby's First New Year's Eve

We had a fun New Year's Eve this year! We went with some friends to Galveston and ate a nice dinner and then went to Moody Gardens to see the Festival of Lights. Emma enjoyed looking at the lights, but she got tired by then end. We came back home and stayed up playing board games. Yes, that is right, we made it all the way to midnight! Just cause we have a baby does not mean we are old fogies yet!
We are excited about 2008 and all of the firsts it is going to bring for Emma and for us!

Baby's First Christmas

Emma had a great first Christmas. She opened her presents from mommy and daddy here in Texas on the 22nd (mommy and daddy's anniversary!) and then we went to Arkansas on the 23rd. We celebrated in Camden first with my family and then went to Little Rock to Joey's grandparents house. Emma had fun being spoiled by all her relatives, but she really had no idea what to do with the presents! Here are some cute pictures of her that my sister took while we were in Camden.