Thursday, May 3, 2012

2 Arkansans, 1 Texan, and 1 Connecticut Yankee

I'm sad that I haven't kept up with this electronic scrapbook/diary of sorts.  Seeing the baby pictures of Emma that precede this post make me wish that I had been more diligent with my, I'm going to give it another go.
If you are reading this, then you probably know us and know that our family has increased by one since my last blog entry.  Darcy is now 2 years old and she and her older sister, Emma (almost 5!) are currently playing the Kinect as I type this.

The two of them are the best of friends, although Emma rarely admits it.  Nothing is more fulfilling then seeing the two of them in the corner having a tea party or building a tent or playing Polly Pockets together.  

Emma had dance class today.  Darcy and I always wait for her at the studio while she dances.  When Emma comes out after class, Darcy gets SO excited.  It's like she hasn't seen her in a week.  Shouting Emma and hopping up and down and then she runs to her and hugs her.  I never get tired of seeing it every single week.  

Well, anyway, like I said I'm going to try and be better about keeping up with this (even if I'm the only one who reads it ; ) I can't promise it will be coherent or even on the same topic every time b/c I am a gal with scattered interests who wishes for a craft blog, a book blog, a random thoughts blog, and a family blog... so this may end up being a complete mismash of everything. : )  Maybe I'll even convince Joey to write something sometime.


Melissa Rampy said...

Yea! Your girls are beautiful! I love reading about them!!! Thank you for sharing!

Joey and Tia Larson said...

Thanks Melissa! I'm going to check out your blog and add you to my friends links is that's okay.