Monday, May 14, 2012

Dangles and unicorn pins

We were sitting at the table when Emma randomly said, "mom, I know you had dangles when you were a little girl."  Um, what?  Excuse me?  Joey and I, both stifling laughter, asked her what she was talking about.  She then proceeded to give us a long rendition of a home video she had seen of me and my sister over Christmas at my parents house.  The video was of Christmas 1984 and Toni and I were quite entertaining. Emma could quote whole parts of the video with a very accurate southern accent... "mama, feel her hair, it's made of yarn" (I got a Rainbow Brite doll that I was AMAZED with) and "mom, look! unicorn pins!" (my sister had a serious thing for unicorns). We were impressed that Emma remembered all of it with such accuracy, especially given the fact that no one had talked about the video in months.

Emma has always amazed us with her memory.  She remembers everything.  Even when you think she's forgotten.  She'll wait a few months and then surprise us by bringing something completely random up in conversation.  Don't ever say or do something in front of Emma that you don't want her to remember and don't ever promise her something that you don't plan on fulfilling because she WILL remember and bring it up at the most unlikely time.  I think Memory is her superhero power. ; )

Anyway, Emma will always remember my "dangles" as shown in this picture.  By which we finally realized she meant bangs ("mom, you know, that short hair that is in the front of your head...") but we have decided it is much funnier to call them dangles.  I think if I gave Emma dangles right now, she might look like the twin of the little girl in this picture.

May you all have a unicorny, dangly-dumptious day!

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