Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Barking Good Time

 Emma turned 5 this weekend and to celebrate we had a puppy paw-ty!  (Her choice, of course.)  
 The kids got to adopt their own puppy and give it a name and then carry it home with them when the party was over.  (Thanks to my mom who mailed me all of the dogs out of my old beanie baby collection for the kids to adopt!)

 There were puppy ears for everyone to wear.  Each puppy got their own bag of puppy chow (Cocoa Puffs) and a ball to play with.  

Then they took their puppy to the puppy salon, where they could "wash" their pups and comb their fur.

They had a good time getting their dogs clean!

Then they could go to the puppy doctor and give their puppy an exam or take their baby D is doing here in her puppy's throat! 

They each got puppy vitamins (gummy bears) for their pups at the puppy doctor.

We didn't make an intense castle like we did last year for Emma's princess party, but we did have a small dog house.  And the kids had fun running around together and eating cupcakes.  

Here are E and D with one of their good friends and their puppies!

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